What to do if suspicion of a user with 2 teams in same league

Is there anyway to figure out if an owner has two teams in the same league? There have been some suspicious transactions between two teams in our league. These two teams are also in another league together which I understand is not completely odd, but adds to our suspicion.

I am the commissioner of the league so can rectify most of the transactions if need be.

Obviously this owner has different usernames, but didn’t know if there was a way to find out if was the same person or if this issue has been dealt with in the past.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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I obviously can’t speak for him, but my impression is that Niv prefers that you email help@ottoneu.com if you have this sort of concern and he can help sort it out rather than posting about it on a public forum.

@sweeperjbf you can look to the thread below for additional info on one owner running multiple teams, but sometimes it’s easier to just talk to the owners in question privately to understand if there’s any relationship between them that might be good for the league to know.

Suspicious transactions and shared leagues shouldn’t be enough to make these accusations, but if you have concerns, I’d recommend just working through your commissioner to talk those teams, rather than opening some form of investigation from Niv on them, but yeah if all else fails you can e-mail for support.

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Also if this is related to the recent activity league 889, remember Seka can’t acquire Eloy via free agency or claim because they just cut him <30 days ago so the scenario you outline on the message board there can’t happen

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Yeah @walt526 is right here, as @mmaude showed its really easy to figure out who you are talking about and can create a witch-hunt type situation even though there doesn’t seem to be much going on here that actually is worth flagging.

@mmaude is also right that these situations should be handled internally - as commissioner you have access to everyone’s email, and you can find out if two people just happen to be friends (an extremely common scenario) and even could start building a relationship to get in on any trade negotiations.

Ultimately, there has to be a lot more smoke than a cut to lower a cap penalty that one team can’t even take advantage of and that the rest of the league is free to take advantage of, especially when the manager in question literally said they made a mistake.

If you see a long-term pattern of one-way trades between two teams and then do not get satisfying answers from either of the parties involved, you can reach out to help@ottoneu.com.

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