When can we put a player on IL?

MLB teams can now put players on 60 day IL (as of Thursday Feb 8 I believe). When can we clear a roster spot by putting a player on MLB IL onto our Otto IL?

Post auction, per rule II.c
“The various statuses that result in extra roster spots are not considered during the auction draft, so if a team has a suspended player, 60-day IL player, COVID-19 IL player, or opted out player, they will count against the roster limit. Once the season begins, they no longer will count against the roster limit.”

thanks, our league already had our draft and so by my understanding of the rules “the season” has started or at least we are “in season” per the rules.

I believe IL data, etc. gets pulled from Rotowire, so if they haven’t updated, the Ottoneu database won’t know.

You will want to read this thread:

Players have to actually be on the MLB 60IL in order to free a roster spot. You do not manage the IL in Ottoneu, real life teams do. There are a lot of reasons teams do not put players on the 60IL right away, even if they are hurt and have a long recovery ahead of them - mostly that they then need to make a corresponding move to fill their 40-man roster. If a team does not have anyone they want to add to the 40-man (with all that entails), they will often leave an injured player off the 60IL until a time when it makes sense.