When do Expired Teams become available to the public

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Quick question on expired teams…I am the commissioner of a league and we have one team that shows they have not renewed by the 1/31 date. However, they are still in the league (which is fine, I think they are just late to renewing). At what point will the system drop that owner and the team will become open?


Good question!

There is a grace period for 10 days after the keeper deadline, where only the original owner of the team can renew it for the season. After this grace period expires, those teams will be marked as fully expired and be made available on the Claim Teams page. Once that happens, I’ll go in and manually remove any whole leagues that have disbanded, leaving just the teams in active leagues.

Issue I am having is the 3 owners are no longer responding even though they had said they wanted to stay in the league and are logging in everyday. Can I force through a abandon team so I can find new owners ASAP?

Also 2 of these owners seem to be holding up other leagues as well…

I believe you can do this in Commish Tools. Let me know if not.

Will let you know… have sent them messages via email and Ottoneu that they have 24 hours to let me know what there intentions are

Thanks Niv!

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We had a team expire this morning 3/4. This kind of surprised me this far after 1/31. League 355.

You can track what expiration dates are for each team in Commissioner Tools. That date can happen because of how people renewed before we changed to a standard renewal date before last season, but it should not be an issue going forward.

OK, I’m not the commish but I’ll let him know.

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