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Hey Niv –

Could you add a “yesterday” to the drop-down for the splits on the lineup page? The reason I’m asking is that when I’m juggling relievers, I’m constantly going back and forth to the Live Stats page to see if a reliever pitched the day before or not. Being able to just choose “yesterday” from the split would make that much easier. Thanks!


I’m not sure a “Yesterday” split would be enough to track bullpen usage- e.g., if your RP didn’t pitch yesterday but did appear in games the previous three straight days then he probably is still worth sitting even though the “Yesterday” split would suggest he could be used.

I’d like to see a “Calendar” drop-down which shows how many IP’s (or, preferably, Pitches Thrown) over the past X days for each pitcher. This would allow for a more complete tracking of bullpen usage.

A bonus would be the ability to preview the upcoming games as well; so for example if there were 10 columns then the first 3 would be the upcoming games, the fourth would be today’s game (highlighted if possible), and the following 6 would be the previous days that show either a blank or each pitcher’s usage that day.

For position players it could simply mark each Game Played or Game Started with an “X” or some other mark, or it could list how many PA’s or H/AB they had for each game. Another bonus would be the ability to preview the opponent’s scheduled SP for each upcoming game on the calendar.

This is something that I struggle with as well.

A “Yesterday” split would certainly be a step in the right direction. Ideally, as ballnglove82 suggested, we could see the number of pitches thrown by a reliever over the past several days (3-7 days), perhaps under the Last 7 Days calendar view. Another bonus would be to see the times of the these games - I am always interested to see if the reliever pitched a day game or a night game the day before.


This is a helpful website I use:

Also a good spot to find all lineups as they’re released.
Hope this helps.

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baseballpress is the best. You can also have multiple teams entered in and switch back and forth. It’s well organized and pretty easy to glance through for benched players and, especially, rainouts and delays.

I revisited this thread after getting an email from @bkucko and I am working on adding the pitch count for each pitcher from the last 3 days to the lineup page. I want to present this information on mobile and make sure the labeling makes sense, so I’m going to share a couple preview screenshots to make sure what is being presented is clear. Please go easy on my staff, it’s a rebuilding year.

On desktop:

On mobile:

My specific questions:

  1. Is the text “Pitches” and “Pitches Last 3 Days” clear enough?
  2. Are three days enough days to help solve the problem of bullpen management?
  3. Is there anything else you’d like to see here? I toyed around with date labels and ultimately dropped them, but could keep working on that.


This makes sense to me (I’m assuming yesterday is on the left, working backward to the right?)

Currently, 3 days ago is the furthest left and yesterday is the furthest right. I’m open to discussion about what is most intuitive here.

Ironically, I was just in the middle of copying RP data for past 7 days from dailybaseballdata into my RP calculator spreadsheet, and they use the term “lookback”, starting with yesterday on the left, so I just assumed that was the same.

In the context of the Lineup page, left to right makes more sense, if you are trying to match the Next 7 Days split. However, if you go with a “Usage” concept, I see that BaseballPress also uses the lookback style.

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I use IP and NP by game, but that takes a lot of real estate over 7 days.

FWIW, I would vote for having this added to the “Last 7 days” split, or if that is too much real estate, have a “Usage” split, with hitters just showing the start and not start symbols for each day’s game(s), while pitchers have IP and NP for each day’s game, and maybe inning entering each game, if that is easy.

Niv - I think it’s pretty clear that those reference the past three days, especially in the desktop version. The mobile might be a little confusing at first, but I think people will catch on, especially after also seeing in on the desktop. And I find it pretty intuitive that yesterday is the furthest right number – that’s a standard “calendar” view of days and is consistent with the “next 7 days” view also. And I think you don’t need to go further back than 3 days – that seems like the right balance for relievers at least. I suppose five or six days would help with starters to see if they had a particularly big workload, but I don’t think that is worth all of the extra screen real estate.

This would be a huge improvement to the lineup page – thank you!

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The plan is to show the pitch count for the last 3 days regardless of split, similar to how the current opponent information does not change unless you are viewing the calendar view.

RE: Usage split, that would be a lot more work, and I’m willing to explore it but probably not in-season.

Actually, I’m not sure a Usage Split as described is particularly useful on top of recent pitch count. The last 7 day split shows a lot of that information in aggregate. I think most batter platoons are managed based on starting pitcher handedness instead of recent usage. Adding a recent pitch count should address the underlying goal, which is figuring out which non-everyday players you should be playing on a given day.

I also believe there will always be more information that owners want than can be displayed by any one site in any one place. At some point an owner who is particularly motivated for an advantage, actual or perceived, will probably need to look at more than just their lineups page.

Let me know if I’m drawing some incorrect conclusions about batter start/sits.

Good points. Even I only use IP/NP usage info for RPs. No point building what won’t be used by most. 3 days seems enough for casual usage, and 5 days would be nice to have to know difference between someone who pitched 2 of 3 (NNYNY) but is rested vs 4 of 5 (YYYNY). Days beyond that are probably useless 99% of time.


Last 5 is probably doable on Desktop but really would be a lot of real estate on mobile. I think it is important to show these recent pitch counts on mobile since that is where a lot of people make quick lineup changes, but maybe the site can show last 5 on desktop and last 3 on mobile.


I like the idea of having the splits from drop down too. There you can see the pitchers usage, but also batters. Either way you do it, would be great help!

Last 3 / Last 5 pitch counts have been added to the lineup page. I’m not tagging this as resolved yet in case there is still interest in a Yesterday split on the lineup page separate from looking at the Today’s Stats page.

It looks to be this way on a few RP I checked, but to verify: the right-hand-most column is the most recent (yesterday) day, correct?

Current (live) PC numbers won’t appear in any column until the day following that game, correct?

Yes, correct on both counts.

Under pitch counts, the right-most column is the most recent day’s pitch count.

There are no live pitch counts available, only 5 days ago up to yesterday.

New pitch counts are loaded in around 5am ET every day.

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Awesome updates. I love the total pitches. However, I feel it should read left to right instead of right to left. Far left being most recent day and far right being day 3(mobile) day 5(site)