Pitchers and SP/RP eligibility


The example to start the season is Lance Lynn. An owner in my league is wondering if he/she simply has to forego 5 starts worth of Lynn points because Lynn is currently only RP eligible, and thus cannot accrue points if he starts games. I sympathize with him on this complaint.

What’s the verdict? Lynn likely isn’t the only example.

Position eligibility for newly added players

SP and RP are always eligible at both spots, but they will only accrue stats if used in the same way they are used in real life. So if you start Lynn at RP when he is starting, he will get nothing. Start him at SP.


I see, I see, I see. I’ll relay that message!


Archie Bradley has been moved to the bullpen for Tampa Bay, but is still listed as a SP. I assume that this has to do with the 5 games played threshold before they are considered a player at that position.

Will none of his stats count until he hits the 5 game mark for TB? There is no SP/RP slot for pitching, so he will just ride the bench until then I guess since his stats as a reliever won’t count at the SP position.

Thanks, and apologize if this has been answered before/is considered common knowledge.



All pitchers can be placed in your lineup at both SP and RP, but only accrue points if they pitch in the same role as their lineup slot. So Bradley may show as SP in ottoneu, but you can start him at RP and any relief appearances he makes will count. I once started a reliever as a SP because he was getting a spot start as part of a bullpen game.


Eligibility for pitchers exists only for player search, so you can search for a RP if you need another RP for your roster, etc.

Since RPs get spot starts and SPs can go to the pen from time to time, your team’s stats will accrue based on how the pitcher is used in real life on that day. You can put any pitcher in to a SP spot, but if they pitch in relief on that day, you will not get their stats. Correspondingly, you can put any pitcher in to a RP spot, but if they start that day you will not get their stats.