Ability for the New FG Auction Calculator to Import Ottoneu Roster CSV

FG just updated their auction calculator. I’m not sure if this idea/request should be directed to FG or Ottoneu, but it would be really cool if a future iteration would include the ability to automatically import Ottoneu CSV roster files. At present, you’d have to enter in keepers and their salaries manually.

I know Justin’s surplus calculator is really popular and don’t want to step on that at all, but I like getting different perspectives on valuations. While it would be possible to export the FG auction calculator results and put that into the SC as user-defined values, that is a little extra work. Although the FG Auction Calculator now exports with FG playerids, you’d first have to map those onto Ottoneu IDs. So it would be a few steps to get the values into the SC (certainly doable, but a bit of a pain in the butt especially if you need to do it for multiple leagues).

I know that you’ve got a lot on your plate during draft season and I imagine that FG has other priorities as well, but maybe see if it’s possible for next off-season? Thanks for your consideration.

This is 100% a request for FG and I have made it and will continue to make it personally to those guys.

Just like the leaderboard requests, the more they hear from Ottoneu users, the more likely it is that stuff gets done. There is only so much Appelman et al listen to me :slight_smile:

I will of course continue to advocate for more integration between Ottoneu and FanGraphs.


Hmm… some sort of FG Auction Calc import into the SC could be something I could add, where basically you just copy the output from FG Auction Calc into a tab on the SC, flip a setting, and the SC formats everything the way it needs it to work. Not promising anything, but I hadn’t thought of doing something like that, or that it would be something of value to others, so thanks for putting the idea in my head!