Additional Information in Players Cut email notifications

Hi Niv,

Would it be possible to have the following information added to the Players Cut and Trade Block Updated email notifications?

Players Cut - Dollar value for the player(s) cut
Trade Block Updates - players currently on trade block and any comments posted when the update is made.



The trade block email requests should be pushed to this thread:

Is there any interest in having a salary included on the email you get when players are cut? If so, should it be the cap penalty (the minimum bid if they are put up for auction) or their last full salary (how much they would cost if you claimed them off waivers)?

I’m leaning “no” and if it is useful, the latter, but I’d like some input from the community.

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I would say “yes”, since when I get those emails I invariably click through to see what the salary is, but given that I’m probably checking out their stats and whatnot anyway it’s not that big a deal.

I would agree that “last full salary” is preferable, since the first post-cut action you could take with a player (claiming off waivers) would be at that price.


I agree with Kilroy on both counts.

Ok, good enough for me. When a player is cut, their email should now include their last full salary, which is how much they would cost off of waivers.


Congrats @djjeffington on your new Genie badge!

Just saw this in action! Thanks, Niv.

Thanks Niv this is perfect!

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