Baseball Auction Draft Feedback Thread


If love to see how much the max a person could bid. It’s easy to do in my head but if the number was right there would be perfect.


I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned, but is there a way to better highlight or showcase when the high bid is currently yours? It would be nice to differentiate that more from when someone else has the high bid – visually, on the screen, so you clearly know when you are the high bidder. I lost out on a player in my draft Saturday because I thought I was the high bidder. I would quickly add a dollar every time someone else bid higher. But apparently someone outbid me without my knowing it, and I let the time run out, thinking I was the high bidder. My bad – maybe it was just me, and I learned my lesson and didn’t let it happen again. But maybe some bigger visual cues would help prevent this from happening to someone else.

The only other problem I had was finding Lance Lynn. He didn’t show up on the SP list or in any searches I did until I added minor league players to my search; he is listed as an RP in the minor leagues for the Cardinals. Might want to change that.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking!


Overall the draft experience was great. I had a minor hiccup towards the end of the draft where my team had $15 in cap space remaining but whenever I would try to bid ($1 or $2, not exceeding $15) an error message would appear telling me I did not have the cap space available to bid, even though I clearly had $15. That was the only issue in a long draft and a minor one admittedly, but being able to add $1 - $3 players at the end can certainly help fill out a roster. I was the only member of our league that had this issue. I was using the most recent version of Chrome on a Windows 10 machine.


I may be just missing how to do this but I would like to be able to show free agents of all positions at once ranked by their average cost in ottoneu auction. When I was using it I could only sort by position which became tedious to get a sense of overall who was left on the board.

I also echo a previous comment about how it was difficult to have the watchlist button and player’s full name in the same view


Hey Niv,
Draft room worked great. No issues at all. Everything ran smoothly and everyone had a good time.
One question. Even tho everyone is showing up as “Done with draft” when I go into the manage locked users link, our auction is still showing as in progress and in the draft room says paused. What do I need to do to actually complete it so that we can open up our lineups page.
One note is that the first time I went in to look, 2 people had not clicked the done with draft box but I was then able to check it for them…So now everyone shows as done, but do they have to go in and actually click it themselves before it can be completed?


In order to end the draft, please visit the Commissioner Tools -> League Settings page. If everyone is marked as done, you can also visit the auction draft page and try starting the draft - once the system sees everyone is done when trying to decide who should draft next, it should close up automatically.


Could you please make it so that if two people bid +$1 in very quick succession, the second bid is blocked?


+1 isn’t a big deal. Simultaneous +5 is a killer.


Hey, great functionality for my auction last night. Really good. Will also mention that I msg’d the ottoneu help account in the middle of the draft with a question and got a reply from Niv in under a minute - just very very good.

The only piece of feedback I have is do something about players who have the same name as other players in the database. Obviously it is possible to recognize, for example, that Jose Bautista doesn’t actually play for the CHW, so maybe don’t bid on that player as if he was the Jose Bautista on TOR. But, in the heat of the auction - especially since some owners will inevitably do the auction on their phone - this can lead to problems. Not sure what the fix would be - perhaps team logos? Could imagine there being licensing fee issues with that.

Anyways, not a big thing at all. A little thing actually.

Overall, just really good.


First time auctioning. My suggestion would to have a unique sound to alert you when it is your turn to nominate. Even when I was looking at the auction page, I once failed to nominate someone because I was typing something on the message board.

Would also appreciate an easy tool for the commissioner(s) to undue mistakes like the (all too common, it seems) accidental bidding upon the wrong player. We had an Adam Eaton problem in our draft as well as Vlad Guerrero Sr. and Jr.


Commissioners can always use the commissioner tools to remove players from teams without costing the team a cap penalty.


The draft ran smooth and the interface is fine. My biggest problem is the old players in the database. For fantasy purposes that database should be clean with only current professional players in it. We had problems with two Adam Eatons and two Vlad Guerreros getting drafted. I would also make the position/team next to their names more prominent so it’s more obvious in the listings which player is which.

A smaller bit of feedback is using a player’s more common name. AJ Ramos, not Alejandro Ramos. Wil Myers, not William Myers, etc.


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To everyone who is commenting on the player universe, I addressed this 12 days ago in this thread:



@nivshah My apologies if this topic is consider closed, but I have a few notes that I would like to share regarding the draft process (I’m pretty sure these haven’t been shared yet as I’ve read the whole thread). It’s my first year on Ottoneu, I started a new league with all rookies and no one had any significant complaints, which is of course good. I do have a few suggestions though that I collected from my league mates.

  • I would love to see injury designations during the auction. I think this one might be tough as most of the players get a DTD designation until the weekend before the season and Ottoneu doesn’t show DTD designations at all, but it would certainly be helpful.
  • I’ve been told an optional beep during the final 2 or 3 seconds would be helpful (as seen on ESPN).
  • Sortable projections integrated in the player list would be awesome for those who adjust their strategy on the fly. Also comes in handy when, let’s say, you’re curious to see how many steals are left on the board.

My last note has been mentioned in some form, but I would like to echo that a two or three-strike rule regarding nominations that’s automatically enfored would be helpful. I didn’t think it would be an issue before the draft so new rules were put in place to combat the behaviour (the current option of 1 strike seemed too harsh for me), but missed nominations happened A LOT more than I expected during the start-up auction.

Many thanks for considering and all the work!


I’m a man of spreadsheets, and am usually adjusting things during and in between auctions. There are times when I have my head buried in another window and I don’t realize it’s my turn to nominate a player.

Other hosts (e.g. ESPN, Yahoo!, etc.) have an alarm sound when it’s your turn to nominate. Can a similar notification be added to Ottoneu draft rooms?


This notification exists, but it is buried behind the “money” sound that plays when an auction ends. I would like to add a brief period (3 seconds?) between an auction ending and the next team being asked to nominate, so look for that in the future.