Can the commissioner change the lineups of other teams in their league?

New to the Ottoneu. Not new at being Commish. One big Commish tool I have needed with other sites and already need here halfway into my auction… is making roster adjustments for other owners. An owner just alerted me that Jake Cronsworth is in a pitching spot for some reason. He asked me to move him into offense. I figured out how to do it for me team with “Roster Organizer” and showed him that so he can do it himself. But is there a way for the Commish to make such changes if owners are in a pinch and ask me to do it? I can’t figure that out

There is not currently a way for commissioners to change lineups for other teams in their league.

There is a wishlist item I found:

For those of you that are curious on how to deal with two-way players on the lineup page:

Ah I see. I think that is a good wish indeed. I usually get between 10 and 10,000 requests from owners in-season to change this or that for them. Although I guess not having the ability will simplify my duties and make lazy owners take accountability. Pros and Cons.

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Hold them accountable!

This wishlist item hasn’t really gained a lot of traction and people generally are able to deal with Ottoneu not allowing this. Of course now that I’ve brought attention to it…

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An owner who is unable/unwilling to make regular lineup changes should seek out a co-owner to help run their team. It’s an unreasonable burden on a commissioner to be expected to make changes. That’s my $0.02.


We cannot set lineups in my league, does the commish need to do something or are we waiting on MLB to release something?

When you go to the main league page is the link to the “Auction Draft” still visible?

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