Clear Lineup Button

I’m still fumbling through the best way to manage my starting lineup every day. With 9 starting spots and 25 players its hard to parse through the page on who is playing and who isn’t and who I want in my
lineup. Add in the slot caps per week, it’s super important to get the right guys in when they play.

I have found that each morning I remove all players from my starting lineup and then only put in the players I want to start that day into my lineup, and leave the other slots empty. I find this is easier in my mind to organize and see who I am starting. I have been wanting a easier way to clear my lineup, if others are doing it this way, maybe a “bench all” button would be helpful. Totally understand if I’m the only one doing their lineup this way and adding a button won’t help the majority of people.

I do the same thing. It would definitely be helpful.

Manually having to go through each individual player I started the day before & moving them to the bottom of the bench has not been fun. Wholeheartedly agree that a bench all button would be great or a checklist ability where you click on the players you want to bench and then another button that said “Bench All Players Checked”

I’ve added a button that benches every player in the lineup who hasn’t had their game start. It should not affect players who are in the Injury or Prospect sections of the lineup page.


Worked perfectly this morning, thank you so much for adding this feature in!


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