Coronavirus update

Today, MLB has suspended all operations indefinitely. I imagine this can only mean that MLB Opening Day will be delayed from 3/26, so I wanted to address how that will affect Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2020.

First of all, I hope you are all safe and taking care of yourselves. I won’t repeat all the advice about flattening the curve, but please stay informed and be smart and we will all get through this together. Our health is considerably more important than these games.

My expectation is that the MLB season will happen in some form in 2020. With that premise in mind, this is what we will be changing for this season, especially once we have more concrete dates and an understanding of the form of this season:

  1. Our refund policies for leagues will extend to whenever the new MLB Opening Day is. Leagues can be canceled with a full refund before the regular season begins, and teams can withdraw from newly formed leagues with a full refund before their draft. If a league is canceled, those teams will not be recovered for future seasons. Leagues will be allowed to draft up until the new Opening Day and still receive all stats for the upcoming season.

  2. H2H matchups that are scheduled to occur before Opening Day will be considered 0-0 ties. H2H leagues will play a shortened regular season but maintain their playoff schedule.

  3. Game and IP caps will be pro-rated according to the length of the MLB season, once that is determined.

I hope you understand that we cannot offer refunds for this season once the season begins and we cannot offer partial refunds for a shortened season. Ottoneu is a year-round service and you’ll be able to make trades and build your team this year. Regardless of how long the MLB season is delayed, we have to keep our services operational this season so that we can continue seamlessly when MLB returns.

This is an evolving situation and as I learn more, I will do my best to keep everyone in this community that plays and supports Ottoneu informed. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for your support.


Thanks for the update…We were set to draft this weekend but would like to postpone in until we know an Opening Day. Will you be expanding the draft days past the end of May if the season hasn’t opened by then?

I really hope it doesn’t come to that!

Once we know when MLB Opening Day is, the available draft dates will be adjusted and extended as far out as necessary.


I was this close to starting an auction for Mike Fiers! Glad I checked the community first.

Thanks for all that you do Niv… And please remember to wash your hands!!


If the MLB season end date gets pushed back, will the Ottoneu playoffs get delayed accordingly?

Yes, we’ll cover the entire MLB season in whatever form it is this year. Once we have the details of the new start and end dates, I’ll have a more concrete update about how that affects H2H and playoffs.


3 of my leagues are drafting this weekend after deciding not to postpone. It’s on with the show !! Thanks for posting this so quickly and keeping us informed. You do a great job.


We were supposed to do our league draft but due to coronavirus members could not draft I pushed draft date back to May 1 but that won’t register on team page because opening day still listed as 3/26

The draft date shows on the home page when it is within 1 month, regardless of anything else.

Thanx Niv, job well done, as always! This is exactly why I think OttoNue is the best in fantasy. Stay safe, stay well and love those, who you love, everyday.