COVID-19 Changes for the 2020 MLB Season

This is a living document of COVID-19/short-season related changes to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. Whatever is in this document is the latest, and I will update it as we get more information about this season and its various unique mechanics.

Salary Inflation and Arbitration

  • There will be normal salary inflation ($2 for players who play in a MLB game, $1 for everyone else) applied at the end of the season. Commissioner tools will allow leagues that want to pass on this inflation to modify salaries if they want.
  • There will be a one-month arbitration period from October 15 to November 15. Leagues that completely do not participate in arbitration will not have any arbitration applied.

Position Eligibility

  • In 2020, players can gain position eligibility, but no player will lose position eligibility for 2021. Going into 2021, position eligibility will be based on 2019 and 2020 games played. Assuming a full 2021 MLB season, going into 2022 position eligibility will be based on 2021 games played.
  • The requirements to gain position eligibility will remain at 10 games played or 5 games started in the majors.

MLB Players Opting Out

  • We have a OPTOUT distinction for players who have opted out of the 2020 MLB season. If a player has opted out of the 2020 season, teams that roster them will get an extra roster spot. These players will still count against a team’s cap and will have inflation applied and be arbitration-eligible following the 2020 season.


  • We have a COVID-19 IL distinction for players who have been placed by their MLB teams on the COVID-19 IL. We are beholden to our data providers to provide this information and will not manually make any changes to player IL status. If a player has COVID-19 IL status, teams that roster them will get an extra roster spot.

Trade Deadline

  • The trade deadline remains on August 31, 2020.

H2H Multiple Matchups per-week

  • You can now select if you’d like 1, 2, or 4 matchups per week in a H2H league. This can be changed in any off-season going forward.
  • Teams that have multiple matchups in a week will only set a single lineup which will be used across all matchups.
  • Your SP GS cap is now per week, rather than per matchup.
  • Schedules have not been generated for 2020 yet. Watch this space as I will update when they have been generated.

Game and Inning caps

  • Non-playoff leagues:

    • Games played: 60
    • OF Games played: 300
    • IP: 560 IP
    • Min IP: 460 IP
  • Playoff leagues

    • Games played: 30
    • OF Games played: 150
    • IP: 280 IP
    • Min IP: 230 IP


The auction draft window is now extended to August 7. Please let me know if you’d like to draft later than August 7, 2020.

I will keep a change log below in case any of the above information changes. Please DM me or email if you have any questions. Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.

UPDATE 07/08/20 11:40p We now have an OPTOUT status for players who have opted-out.
UPDATE 07/15/20 12:24p Clarification on requirements to gain position eligibility


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