Creating a league and setting changes

Hi I have a question about modifying league settings and having flexibility on rules when you are creating a league. I’m not new to ottoneu but I am new to actually creating a league.

I’m thinking about moving my keeper league that I currently am commish of on yahoo to ottoneu since I am a big fan of this platform but when I start to create league I get sent to the payment area before I’m able to explore more nuanced rule change options.

Here are some example rule changes that are different than the standard ottoneu league that I’m thinking of:

  • Keeper instead of dynasty - have teams keep a max of 10 players for example
  • Smaller roster - instead of 40 have a smaller amount of roster spaces and possibly smaller budget to match this
  • Head to head all season with 4x4 scoring - is this possible yet? or only playoffs?

Are there any other custom options I’m allowed or not allowed to do?

Thanks friends for your help!! I really love the ottoneu interface so I’m seeing if it would work for my buddies who are into our keeper league but maybe not full blown ready for all of what ottoneu entails.

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Most of the league settings that are available are available at league creation. There are a couple things that aren’t. The one setting that comes to mind is letting trades pass after 24 hours instead of 48.

Category-based H2H scoring is a wishlist item that I’d like to address before 2020. The other rules you’re talking about are not really aligned with Ottoneu’s purpose. 40-man rosters and the option to keep everyone are core features of Ottoneu, and thus are unlikely to become league settings in the future.

One thing I’ll say is that Ottoneu is a lot, but it is a ton of fun (as you know!) - I think you and your pals should give it a shot, especially because leagues that are comprised of people who know each other have the most fun.


We moved a Yahoo league over last year to Fangraphs H2H. We have loved the expansion to 40 man rosters. We were an auction keeper league in it’s 4th or 5th year and actually the salaries pretty much just transferred over. IIRC it was a $206 budget… does that sound right? (How quickly we forget Yahoo settings).

We only slightly miss the flexibility of picking scoring categories. I believe we used 7 hitting and 8 pitching categories. Fangraphs points system accomplishes mostly what we were attempting with our custom category mix (i.e. balance and true player contribution evaluation). Although we did (and probably still do) have lingering owners that grumble about missing stupid categories like RBIs and Runs. I’m of the opinion that team independent stats are the purest form of fantasy, but I’ve got owners that disagree and miss those categories.

It is nice to no longer have ties. (Scourge of our Yahoo H2H days.) I say do it! You’ll find 40 man helpful in creating dynasties; as well as unlimited keepers. The budget mostly takes care of death grips on players. So even if it is a fear- you likely won’t miss it. Categories… that’s another story. If it is a deal breaker, you might have to wait until implementation, IMHO.


By the way when we moved over here was a discussion that helped a lot: Bringing a Yahoo League to Ottoneu

Also- let me know @Teeter_Noenberg if you have any questions about the particulars of our transition/setup.


Thanks for the quick responses guys, tbh I’m definitely more than down to switch over but I want to make sure that everyone in my current league understands the differences and the nuances of switching to ottoneu before we do it. We have a mix of active and semi active peoples so I don’t want to overdo it if some aren’t ready for it.

This helps me outline exactly what the changes will be to them as opposed to debating over the possible tweaks that we could make.

I’ll keep ya updated if I need help or have any more questions

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We had the same kind of mix and owner apprehension. I was definitely down to move, especially since we had a number of $ increases that I had to calculate manually. Glad to have it off my plate. I have a number of quick guides and FAQ written to familiarize our owners to the transition that I’d be happy to share and have you edit/cannibalize if you like. DM me you email and I’ll send them over.