Football - Baseball Feature Parity

Hello, I’m wondering if there is any movement to get to feature parity with football on some of the following items:

  1. Seeing who bid on a player when clicking on Add in recent transactions.
  2. Notebook to show all related team news.
  3. Similar player search filtering as baseball (All, QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Flex, Superflex would be awesome)
  4. Player Search: Add Last Percentage (last 7 and last 30)
  5. Trade Page: Positional depth and sorting by who updated trade block most recent

Outside of parity, for search I’m wondering if we could see:

  1. Points scored during most recent week of action

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@nivshah should I split these requests out?

Please do not ping me on the forums, there is no need.

A bunch of these requests are duplicative of other requests. You can just bump those threads or give the original posts a thumbs up.

Any new requests should be their own thread in the Football Wishlist forum.

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My bad :grimacing:

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Going back to this post:

1 is all set going forward

2 is wishlisted already and I hope to get to it this season. Will update that thread soon.

3 & 4 could use a separate wishlist thread with more of an explanation of what you are looking for in terms of filtering versus how it works now.

5 same thing, a new thread would be great covering positional depth. I’ll see if I can knock out the trade block ordering right now, don’t need a post for that.

And what I’ll call 6 (the non-baseball parity request) could use some deets on where you want to see this number and what the reasoning is, just so I can put it in all the right places.



The trade block is now sorted by most recent update and depth charts have been added to the trade block and team roster pages, so I guess that doesn’t need a Wishlist thread anymore.

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I created a new football wishlist item for search Football Search Changes