H2H first week and Hitter Caps Questions

Opening Day is Here! Finally!

Quick clarification: Is this first week from March 20 - April 7 (aka a long week)? Or March 20 - March 301(a long week with only 6 playing days in it)? I thought I read somewhere it would be the extra days + the first week of play. But the matchup page indicates only to March 31. Is the site in error or am I? :slight_smile:

Also: just to clarify- the hitter games started limit for H2H with playoffs (or any format with playoffs, I guess) is 162, but doesn’t include the playoff weeks? Making it nearly impossible to hit/go over 162 for hitters in a playoff enabled league. Or is the GS limit reduced by the month (of playoffs) from 162?

The first H2H “week” of the season is reflected correctly on the site: March 20-31.

There are numerous posts about this on the forums: H2H game caps do not extend into the playoffs. There are no positional game caps in the playoffs.

Thanks Niv. Sorry about the replication. But I am curious if there has been given any thought to lowering the 162 cap to take into account the far few games in a playoff enabled league’s season. If positional game caps are important (I’m not sure if they are in a H2H), then it seems like 162 is too high for a playoff enabled league.

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