H2H game modes and playoff options are now live

The H2H game modes and playoff options are now live! You can change your league’s game type in Commissioner Tools -> League Settings, and when you create a new league you should see all the new options available to you.

I did my best to catch any issues, but please use this thread or reach out directly if you run into anything that seems off.

I believe @LuckyStrikes has a nice overview coming to RotoGraphs tomorrow, and I’ll update this post with a link to that article when it goes live. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and guidance in this process. Have fun this season!


H2H is going to be fun this year - looking forward to this addition. I’ve posted on this topic today: https://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/ottoneu-h2h-is-here/

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Mine is all set up, league 845. Niv, can we have 8 playoff teams or does it have to be either 4 or 6 with a WC? And is there any way I can perhaps talk you into a 24 hour auction option like with trades ;-)?

A couple questions:

  1. All H2H leagues using a playoff option play a 21 week regular season, right?
  2. How does the scheduling work out for 2/3 division setups both with and without playoffs? Is it balanced (play all teams as equally as possible), or weighted towards division foes?

24 hour auctions are off the table. You can bring that up in a separate wishlist item if you’d like, but spoiler alert, it ain’t happening.

I think 8 playoff teams would result in playoff matchups for one week each through September, culminating in a one week championship on the final week of the season. So, that seems like a not-great idea.

  1. This year I guess so?
  2. I haven’t figured that out quite yet. Probably balanced in year one, but an option in the future between the two.

There was a bug with creating private leagues that was brought to my attention and has since been fixed.

My league would have 21 scoring periods with all star week combined with the following week. 8 team playoff with three matchup scoring periods skipping the last weekend. The first two rounds were in division with the championship being the two division winners. But we have 16 teams.

Yours is the only 16 team league, so we’ll have to see how the season plays out before both adding 14- and 16-team leagues and making options specific for those sized leagues.

So what are my options for playoffs this season? I’d like at least 6 teams with 2 wild card teams worst case if we can’t have 8.

Read the article @LuckyStrikes wrote or this post

I think the first option should work for you. That’s three playoff games. Once I poke at this more I’ll confirm.

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It will only allow me to have two divisions. I’m fine with a 5/5/6 Three division set up with three wild cards.

Not sure if this is a bug or not. I have selected 3 divisions and saved the division settings. When I go to the league homepage, it only shows 2 divisions. Does it take some time to process?

For your league, just DM me. No one else has a 16-team league and posting in the forums about it is counterproductive.

EDIT I meant like, noisy. I was apparently pretty tired last night, sorry if ti came off gruff.

This is a cache bug and I’ll have it fixed tonight.

Thanks, Niv. When will the team names show up in the individual divisions? Right now, all I see are three division names but no team names.

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Send me your league home page link and I’ll sort it out tonight

There’s some confusion about the various playoff options, and I’ll write a separate post clarifying each of them sometime this weekend. You can change your playoff choices up until the regular season starts.

cc @Paul_Swydan


I’ve written up the playoff options here: