List of players and their Ottoneu positions (Player Universe)

I know there’s a list of players and their Ottoneu positions out there somewhere, I just can’t find it. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to create some tools in R now that I have some time on my hands.

I usually export the average salary csv, that at least shows the position for all players who are owned in 1 or more leagues iirc

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I’ve put together the entire player universe, as it existed in November 2019. I’ll try to update it again soon.

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Thanks guys!

Is there a way we can pull this ourselves from Ottoneu? The position data combined with MiLB+MLB players is very helpful.

It doesn’t change that often, so I’ll try to share a full CSV when I can.

Here is an updated player universe as of today, 11/23/2020:


Hey Niv, can we grab an update to this at some point this offseason? Thanks so much.

I’ll get a new one up this offseason yeah.

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Updated as of today, 10/27/2021 (same link as before)


Would it be possible to get an updated player universe file? I imagine the players may not have changed much; however, it looks like FG may have assigned some MiLB players to 2021 draftees.

Speaking of which, I’ve found a couple of duplicates (e.g., Matt McLain, Will Bednar). Would it be helpful to flag any issues that I encounter them?

Please share any player duplication questions in this thread and I’ll get them resolved.

I’ll look into generating a new player universe in the next few days.

Updated just now (2/4/22 3:29p ET)

EDIT Sorry @walt526 lmk if this has the new players you expected/hoped for or not.


Maybe this doesn’t change often enough to justify a dedicated endpoint, but any chance it could be provided as either xml or csv on demand? From a tools standpoint, the avg salary page will miss players that aren’t rostered anywhere, which could include international signees or marginal players not rosterered going into beginning of season auctions. These are edge cases, I realize, and if the answer is “it’s not worth the effort,” that’s totally cool, but thought I’d ask if it were a possibility rather than periodically providing a csv.

It does not change enough to be worth the effort :slight_smile:

Fair enough! Thanks.

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will a 2022-2023 offseason Ottoneu Baseball Player Universe be available at any point this offseason? thanks!

This isn’t the complete Ottoneu player universe, but this exportable page will have nearly all “Ottoneu relevant” players with their positions:

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Will update tmw.

Updated as of 11/16/2022 8:55am

I’ll update again closer to Opening Day.


thanks Niv!!

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