Looking for teams for an Ottobot Podcast trade deadline episode

The Ottobot Podcast needs your help. We’re looking for a few teams that are deciding between buying, holding or selling for this season to evaluate and discuss on an upcoming episode of the pod. If you’re interested in having myself, @vibbot and @chy924 talk about your team for a little bit, reply to this thread or hit one of us up on Slack. We’ll need a link to your league and your team name. You are of course under no obligation to listen to any of our thoughts or advice.


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Link to my league:

Team name:
North Field Boxes

I just traded Trevor Story for Yoan Moncada and Dinelson Lamet, but would like to keep Harper around as a long-term piece (I would definitely still listen to offers, though).

Thank you for any consideration and critique you or your colleagues could offer.


Well I just made the decision to buy in league 1011. Team is Bird and Diz
Same day I put JDM and Xander on my trading block I traded Bohm for Kris Bryant.
So I guess I’m buying now.
For what it’s worth this league has some custom salary cap rules which should limit the amount of buying any one team can do.


Would love feedback my 15 MiLB team below:

https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/837/home - 40 Wheelbarrows - 5th place

Injuries and slow starts have me way back from where I expected to be. Think the roster is strong but not sure it makes sense to liquidate some of my surplus assets to make a push this year, vs holding a strong roster together for 2021


Would be curious to hear feedback because I feel like my team is running out of steam with Mous and Acuna injuries along with having a stretched thin budget due to $88 Trout. Trying to decide to make the push or sell at the deadline to start finally having some salary to play with next year.

We <3 Joe F’n Kelly-4th Place



What about Soft Tossers in League 783? Can Person Woman Man Camera HR be caught this year?

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The Balking Dead in 953

What’s interesting:

  • Pacing well ahead in points, but it’s a H2H league and I’m only 4-2.
  • Some things have gone wrong, mainly Clevinger demotion and Strasburg’s hand issue.
  • But, I still think I have the best team.
  • With a small sample size, do I play for 2020 or focus on being in the best position for 2021? (E.g., cash in Tork or sit on him?)
  • Is Lindor my 2021 shortstop? Can I plan for Bregman to have SS indefinitely?
  • It’s a vote-off league – not many are but Bieber looks like my vote-off, that has some interesting implications for planning
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I’m in a league where my team is performing very well, but I happen to also be competing against one of the top teams in all of ottoneu. As a result, despite having a great year, I’m thinking about selling Mike Trout and possibly a couple other pieces. Would love to hear your thoughts/insight.
League: OC Fantasy Baseball
Team Name: Jeff McNeil Island Ferry

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We’ve picked our teams and are excited to record our Case Studies episode this afternoon. Thanks to everyone who offered up their team!

which teams did you end up choosing?

We went with @steveinlc’s team in 920, @bennettharman in 493 and @hahiggins in 953.

Our episodes have been running long or we would have done even more. If this concept for an episode is compelling, we will definitely do it again both in the off-season and at future trade deadlines.

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Thanks to you and the team, Niv! I can’t wait to hear the episode and critique of my team!

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This episode is now live

Let us know if we should do more episodes like this one.