Looking for teams to review for the Ottobot Keeper Deadline episode

The Ottobot Podcast again needs your help. We’re looking for a few teams that have a tough keeper deadline ahead as case studies for an upcoming episode. Much like last time, if you’re interested in some free advice from myself, @eamuscatuli and @chy924 on an upcoming episode that should release before January 31, please reply to this thread or hit us up on Slack. Please link us to your league and your team. None of our advice is binding, etc.


I’ll bite.


Obviously feel free to comment on any aspect/player on my team, but here’s what’s going through my head before the deadline –

On the offensive side: I bought in to the big 2019s from Alonso/Devers. There was a lot to like from each in 2020 despite comparatively underwhelming results. I have some ideas if I want to move on from these two (e.g., I have Brandon Lowe and acquired Nate Lowe at season’s end, thus enabling a Lowe/Lowe platoon at 1B for 2021).

Pitching: I’m between the “go with your guys” and the “don’t retain anyone without surplus value” strategies. I have a mix of somewhat-recently established aces, high-ceiling underperforming rookies, players coming off of injuries, and a slew of low strikeout guys. Do I stay the course or trim the fat (cut the low-k guys / pitchers I’m clearly overpaying for)?

Last thought: I’ve typically done a bullpen reset by the deadline (basically, I drop nearly all relievers). However, this year I ended up with a handful of relievers who have ascended to the upper ranks of their respective bullpens and have great Statcast profiles. Do I roll with these guys or see if I can do better in the auction?

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I would love some advice!!!

Team OttoVotto in 727

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I’d love some advice. Eggs and wOBAcon. Went all in last year and won, but facing difficult decisions this year including potentially parting with an $82 Trout and $49 Judge after not getting any bites on the trading block.



Here’s mine: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/652/team

I’ve made most of my obvious cuts (Kris Bryant at $59, etc.) but I think I have a couple of interesting edge cases: teamless Nelson Cruz at $25 and Javy Baez at $27. Both of them are examples of how challenging the decisions are this year – sooooo many IRL free agents right now (maybe because of the DH uncertainty with Cruz) and then how much to factor in last year’s short-season performance. Baez wasn’t alone in being a star with a huge drop-off. Ignore that and then his value at $27 is not too far out of line, or cut bait? Thanks for considering taking a gander, doctors!

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Here’s mine: league 207, Be Betts if the link doesn’t work. I’ve had a lot of success until this past season where everything imploded. Would love some analysis to help in keep/cut decisions.


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I would be interested in your view of my situation. I’ve won two years in a row, and I think I can compete at least one more year, but I have some tough decisions on slightly overpriced guys that are hard to trade right now: $88 Trout, $55 Arenado, $36 Cruz, $34 Blackmon, $27 S Marte, $10 Crochet, $7 Fairbanks.


Should I stretch to keep Trout and ignore my relative weakness at SP/3B/MI? Cut them all and have plenty of ammo for the draft? Something in between?

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This team is run by Anthony and Michael. We made some cuts this past week but more to be done!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts

I think I’ll do very little with the pitching but need help with the offense, especially at the corners.

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Only my second off season in Ottoneu, so would love some feedback even though I have already trimmed most of what (I think) I need to…


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What’s your team name?

Oops, Slobberpuss (named after my boxer).

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Why yes, yes I do!

https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/699/team?team=5724 (The Rainesmakers)

Rookie to Ottoneu taking over a team from someone else. Feel pretty good about the value for my position players against the cap, but pitching staff needs some work and there’s a glaring Chris Sale decision to be made.

Would love to get your advice.

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Thanks for all the replies so far! If you’re still interested, please post - we may end up recording a second episode on this theme if it makes sense.

been going for it 4 straight years and am low on surplus! help! https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/244/team?team=1723

Would love to hear your thoughts on my team:

Team Name is “Perl”


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Team Name: Bases Loaded
League Name/Number: Masters of WAR/948

Team Link: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/948/team


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Great episode of the podcast released today, Niv. It seems like you guys ran out of time for the keeper analysis, though – will that be covered in future episodes? Thanks!

Yep. Episode 23 came out today, that was our planned Q&A episode. Episode 24 is going to recorded Thursday, and that will be our Keeper Deadline episode, most likely part 1/2. Episode 25 will be recorded soon after and probably will be part 2 of Keeper Deadline case studies, given the response to this thread.

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Would love advice if there is space. I just took over a team and brand new to ottoneu. Team name Mookie Moose.


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