Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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@eamuscatuli,Thank you. I’ve been exploring since my last post and found the answer to a lot of my questions. I guess I need to dig a little deeper before calling for help. The reason I wasn’t sure if those were up to date was because Betts was valued lower than I thought he would be. But I’m still learning and you guys have been great with helping me out.Thanks again!


I am interested in joining an @Ottoneu101 league for the first time this year. After several years considering whether to try Ottoneu, your posts have convinced me to give it a try, @LuckyStrikes. I’m commissioner for a keeper league on Yahoo, but am really intrigued by this format and a more active offseason.


Glad to hear it. You’ll really enjoy it. I’ve added you to the list but it’s really up to you guys in this thread to network together to make the call on when/how you want to create leagues with rookie owners only. But we can help get the word out for sure.


@LuckyStrikes I would love to join Ottoneu with a few of my seasonal league mates. I feared that it would be hard to fill up the league, but I stumpled across this platform and now I feel re-energized to definitely go through with this plan!


Great, welcome aboard. Feel free to recruit them here and we can add them to the @Ottoneu101 distribution list, which can be used to help you guys network into to some new leagues for 2017. In the last few off season’s, the month of January is really the hot time for new league formation, so if you don’t find enough folks yet no worries.

One recommendation is for those looking for rookie leagues to post a message in the Owners Wanted section about specifically forming a new league. I think you’ll find quick response there. I’ll help get the word out for you, too. At some point someone needs to “create” a league for rookies and then recruit to fill it.


Thanks! I’ve created a rookie league named “Holland Series”. It’s supposed to be a daily league with the old school 5x5 scoring system and the allocation system for arbitration. Feel free to join if interested! @mervdiddy @Timmy_RedLeg @wsmith @leakeb and everyone else reading this :slight_smile:

I’ve invited my seasonal league-mates, but I only expect a few to actually join, so my hope is to fill the league through the help of this community. A friend of mine somehow managed to join the league twice, so we already have an abandoned team haha. Please also consider taking this team if you’re interested.

P.S. I’ve changed the arbitration settings to allocation, but it still shows as vote off. Is that normal?


As a former Dutchman I am very tempted, but I am at / over my team limit already. Just curious, is the name related to the country, the player, or other?


@DoubleUD I have just signed up to play in your Holland Series League under team name " Win one for Schottzie ". Thank you for the invite and the opportunity. I am new to Ottoneu and am not the most computer literate player you will meet. But, Lord willing, I will be able to wing it. I look forward to the season.Thanks again!!!


@DoubleUD I am a total Ottonewbie and like Tim and not real well versed in computers. However,
interested in the Holland league. I see you have set up the draft date to be March 5, which would not work for me as I am overseas until mid to late March. Any reason why so early given the MLB season doesn’t start for almost another month? Also what is the scoring system for the new league? Thanks


Hey guys, I’d love to apply for a spot in some rookie Ottoneu league! I’ve been playing (even commishing) multiple leagues throughout the years on Yahoo Fantasy and I’d like to take it to another level now. Since I’m Czech and English is not my natural language, I’m sorry if some of by questions won’t be quite appreciated, but…if I’m invited to that Holland Series, how do I get in? Where can I find it? Once again sorry and enjoy your Thanksgiving thing y’all!

Edit…okay I found it now, once again I apologize… so @DoubleUD can I join? :slight_smile:


Looks like the Holland Series rookie league (5x5) setup by @DoubleUD still has spots open, so those of you in @Ottoneu101 can check this link often for new leagues forming:


@wsmith I don’t want to speak for DoubleUD, but I don’t believe that is the actual draft date.


Wow guys! First of all I want to apologize for not rechecking this topic earlier, I clearly underestimated the amount of interest in the early going as the league has already been filled! :smiley: Somehow it took less than a week, can’t quite believe it actually haha. Guess we now have to find a few draft dates for 2017!

@rjweise Sorry to see that you were already full, would’ve loved to connect with a (former) countryman! I’m Dutch myself and a couple of my seasonal league-mates slash countrymen have found their way to this league as well, so that’s why it’s called the Holland Series. Of course in hindsight it’s taken more of a Ryder Cup identity. so a name switch might be up in the works haha.

@Timmy_RedLeg Glad to you have in the league man, very thankful for you having joined the league as one of the first members! I’ve read all your posts in this topic and know about some of your concerns, but I have no doubt we’re all gonna be alright. The people here so far have been extremely helpful, plus FanGraphs puts up so much content. At least now we’re sure to be in a league we have got the time to look extensively at the content from a rookie perspective!

@wsmith I’m sorry to say the league is already full, but I will try to answer your questions anyway. They might be helpful in search of a league that’s to your liking. Like @Timmy_RedLeg said, March 5 isn’t our actual draft date. I wanted to set TBD, but the system seemed to force me to pick a date (which can be changed at any time). That said, early March might not be bad timing to actually start drafting, perhaps @LuckyStrikes can chime in on this? :slight_smile: I’ve read that the initial draft can take up to 8 hours, which is why I’ve seen ottoneu people recommend to split it in two or maybe even three parts. Since almost half (maybe even more) of the league lives in CET - and assuming the rest lives anywhere from EST to PST - it’s gonna be a challenge to get the draft done, but we’ll manage!

The scoring system I chose for the league is called Old School (5x5). It’s almost literally what it says: AVG, HR, RBI, SB, R and W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K. As a baseball fan I definitely consider myself new school, but the thing is, I like to use those deeper stats to help predict these classic categories. To me there’s more fun in that than actually using more advanced stats as fantasy categories.

@Miky10 Most certainly you’re welcome to join, but you’re already in :smiley: Awesome to add another European player to the league, it’s getting more international by the minute!


@DoubleUD if you have a team bail on you, please let me know.
@LuckyStrikes please let me know if any other “rookie” leagues pop up


I just created a Beginner’s League for 1st or 2nd year players only. Fgraph points.


I’ve just joined the new Beginner’s League. Looking forward to playing!


Welcome to the fun!


Hi All-

Looking to start up a league of beginners who all live in the SF Bay Area… monthly “events” for the league to get together…

Anybody in the neighborhood?

–Eric or eric on slack


Thanks for creating league. I just joined and look forward to a lot of fun!


Awesome! Welcome!