Ottoneu Dynasty League (836) Charter (est. 2017)

Ottoneu Dynasty League (est. 2017) - Charter

League Name: Ottoneu Dynasty League
League Home (836): (
League Record Book: (link)
League Commissioner:
Trey @LuckyStrikes

League Format & Rules:

  • Platform: Ottoneu
  • Formation Date: September 1st, 2017
  • Scoring Format: FanGraphs Points
  • Teams: 12
  • Rosters: 40-man (MLB + MiLB)
  • 15 MiLB expansion roster
  • Lineups: Daily
  • Arbitration format: $ Allocation
  • Annual 40-man auction draft date: Third weekend in March
  • Annual MiLB prospect (snake) drafts:
  • October 15th - November 15th
  • March 18th - March 31st
  • July 15th - July 20th
  • In-season trade deadline: August 31st (midnight EST)
  • Annual Fee: $9.99/year (standard Ottoneu fee)
  • Annual Entry: $50.00/year
  • Prize League: Yes
  • Prize Payouts:
  1. $300 (1st place)
  2. $100 (2nd place)
  3. $75 (3rd place)
  4. $50 (4th place)
  5. $50 (5th place)
  6. $25 (6th place)

Additional League Rules:

  1. Commitment to “active, responsive, competitive, and fair” participation at all times. Owners who are “AWOL” (defined as owners who have either not logged in to the site and/or who fail to respond to commissioner communications for a period of 21 consecutive days or more) may be removed from the league and replaced at the commissioner’s discretion.
  2. Owners agree to maintain a legal roster at all times (per Rule 1a) and are not permitted to trade players while their roster status is illegal. Owners may have up to 48 hours to correct an illegal roster that is the result of a recent transaction (add/drop, waiver claim, trade, etc.). Owners that abuse this rule will face penalty at the discretion of the league commissioner.
  3. Any owner may propose a rule change to the league, but all rule changes must be ratified by league-wide vote. A proposed rule change must receive at least eight (8) favorable votes to be ratified. League votes may only take place during the October 15th - November 15th Ottoneu arbitration period.
  4. In rare instances, the commissioner reserves the right to call a league-wide vote to replace an owner in the league. Owners must receive at least eight (8) unfavorable votes to be replaced.
  5. League prize payouts will be made in October of each season by the league treasurer/commissioner.
  6. Owners that are replaced will not receive refunds for league prize payments. Owners that quit the league will not receive refunds for league prize payments.
  7. Trades that include explicit reciprocal conditions (“I will trade you X if you trade X back to me in three months”) are not permitted.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, standard Ottoneu rules apply. Commissioner(s) reserve the right to make adjustments to rules at their discretion for the benefit and competitiveness of the league.

Non-Rostered Minor League System (“MiLB$0”)

Each of the twelve (12) teams in the Ottoneu Dynasty League may draft up to the maximum of fifteen (15) minor league players (“MiLB$0”) during the inaugural prospect (snake) draft in October, 2017. The maximum number of MiLB$0 players an owner may roster or draft at any time is fifteen (15).

Unless they are added via off-season trade, MiLB$0 players may only be added during one of the three annual prospect snake drafts:

  • October 15th - November 15th (Ottoneu arbitration period)
  • March 18th - March 31st (immediately following league auction)
  • July 15th - July 20th (All-Star Break)

With the exception of the inaugural MiLB$0 draft, the MiLB$0 draft order will be determined by reverse order of current league standings. Each owner has up to 12 hours to make their MiLB$0 draft selection per round. Draft selections should be posted by each owner to the league message board.

Following the inaugural MiLB$0 draft (October 2017), owners must “earn” all future MiLB$0 roster slots by meeting (greater than or equal to) various Games Played (GP) and Innings Pitched (IP) thresholds. The thresholds are:


Threshold achievements are set by the team’s stats at the conclusion of each regular season, which will determine the total number of MiLB$0 for each owner for all three MiLB$0 annual drafts. For example, a team that finishes the regular season (October) with at least 6,650 AB’s and 1,400 IP will earn fourteen (14) MiLB$0 draft slots for the October, March, and July MiLB$0 drafts.

The following players are ineligible for MiLB$0 status and cannot be drafted:

  • Unsigned (amateur or foreign) players
  • Players with any MLB experience (1 PA or 1 IP)
  • Any player that is currently owned by another team in the league

MiLB$0 Transaction Rules:

MiLB$0 players will be owned outside of the standard Ottoneu 40-man roster system for a salary of $0 each (with ownership and transaction history managed by the commissioner in a spreadsheet in the league Drive folder). MiLB$0 players are considered “non-rostered” (not included or part of a team’s salary or roster limits), and are ineligible to receive annual arbitration allocations so long as the player has not been added (“called up”) to any owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster at any point during the year.

MiLB$0 players may be “called up” (added) to an owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster at any time by announcing the transaction to the league via the league message board. MiLB$0 players must be added to an owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster within 48 hours after the MiLB$0 player incurs his first MLB PA (hitters) or IP (pitchers). Upon “call up”, the league commissioner will add the non-rostered MiLB player to the owner’s 40-man roster for a salary of $1 (regardless of how long the owner has actually owned the player), at which point the player will be considered “rostered” and immediately included in the team’s salary ($400) and roster limits (40).

  1. MiLB$0 players cannot be added to the non-roster portion of an owner’s roster via the standard Ottoneu free-agent or waiver system by starting a player auction.
  2. The maximum number of MiLB$0 players a team can draft is fifteen (15); the maximum number of MiLB$0 players a team can own at any given time is also fifteen (15).
  3. MiLB$0 players cannot be added to the non-roster portion of an owner’s roster via the standard Ottoneu free-agent or waiver system by starting a player auction.
  4. MiLB$0 players may only be traded during the off-season (November 15th - March 18th); all MiLB$ trades must be completed prior to the start of the annual league auction draft.
  5. MiLB$0 draft picks cannot be traded.
  6. MiLB$0 player trades should include the full name of the prospect in the notes section of each trade; owners must also announce the MiLB player trade via the league message board.
  7. MiLB$0 players may be “called up” (added) to an owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster at any time during the calendar year, except the days in which a draft (annual auction or prospect draft) is in process.
  8. Owners are required to “call up” a MiLB$0 player before they can cut them from their roster. The league commissioner will add MiLB$0 players to league rosters using manual commish tools.

All MiLB$0 players that are cut during the regular season (February 1st - October 1st) will incur a $1 cap penalty.

  1. Off-season MiLB$0-only trades (trades that do not include any players currently on 40-man rosters) must be announced via the league message board, are not subject to veto by the league, and may be executed immediately by the commissioner.
  2. MiLB$0 players that have been “called up” by their owner cannot be sent back down to the MiLB$0 roster even if they are demoted to the minor leagues in real life.
  3. MiLB$0 players that receive their first PA or IP in the month of September must still be “called up” within the 48 hour window.
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In an attempt to look for the most serious owners and long term commitments to the league, there is a good chance I will require owners to pay three years of the entry fee ($50/year x 3) up front ($150).

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Couple of questions – are you planning a 40-man auction before the October 15 MilB auction? Also wondering if a slow-draft is an option.


I’m leaning no on both (slow & October auction) but once I get the league full we can revisit both of these

Some clarification on these rules:
Our next prospect draft will take place in March, immediately following the conclusion of our 40 man auction draft. While you can technically “call up” a prospect from your MiLB$0 at any time, you can only cut those prospects when the $1 cap penalty applies, so essentially only after the 1/31 keeper deadline.

In practice this means that if you want to free up a few MiLB$0 slots for the next prospect draft (March, post-auction), you’ll need to a) call up the prospects to your roster, and b) cut the player immediately following the 40 man auction, thus incurring the $1 cap penalty.

The intent of this rule is to associate some risk (cost) to MiLB$0 transactions, and force owners to make some difficult decisions. In this case (March), your decision to free up a few more MiLB$0 slots to draft in March will come at the cost of a $1 cap penalty for each prospect you cut.

So you can’t cut guys from your milb roster between the end of the season and the keeper deadline? Let’s say it’s September 15th and there are three players on my milb roster I don’t want anymore. To get rid of them I have to call them up to the big roster and cut them before the season ends?

I don’t like the way I’ve written the rule, because of this line: “All MiLB$0 players that are cut will incur a $1 cap penalty.”, which forces 40 man transactions of called up prospects to work differently during the off season.

My preference is that you can a) you must call up a MiLB$0 prospect to your 40 man roster in order to cut them, b) you call up MiLB$0 prospects at any time. With these two stipulations, you could technically call up a MiLB$0 December 1st and then cut them with zero penalty (because it’s prior to the keeper deadline. This way called up prospects work just like any other 40 man player, so if you don’t cut them 1/31, you won’t be able to open that MiLB$0 slot for the next (March) draft unless you cut and incur the $1 cap penalty immediately following the 40 man auction.

I would recommend we change this rule to clarify this.

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Seems like you should be able to clear out the milb roster in the offseason, just like you can clear the 40 man.

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836 Rule Change Proposal:
Stating “All MiLB$0 players that are cut will incur a $1 cap penalty” will prevent owners from cutting MiLB$0 prospects once they are “called up” to the 40 man roster even during the off season (prior to keeper deadline). Ideally, “called up” prospect transactions should function identically to regular 40 man roster transactions (i.e. you can cut in the off-season without penalty; you cannot cut between the keeper deadline and the 40 man auction, etc.).

I recommend we change this rule to say:
“All MiLB$0 players that are cut during the regular season (February 1st - October 1st) will incur a $1 cap penalty.”

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We will not use a slow draft for our initial, first season 40 man auction, but I’m open to it in subsequent years.

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For those in @Dynasty836, please take a moment to vote on this important rule change.

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With almost all votes in, this change will pass easily.

The rule will be changed to:

“All MiLB$0 players that are cut during the regular season (February 1st - October 1st) will incur a $1 cap penalty.”

MiLB$0 players called up during the off-season can be cut just like any other 40 man roster player, penalty free (prior to keeper deadline).

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vote yes to change; I tried to click on it but it didnt allow me to.


This rule is amended to reflect a “soft” cap in the off-season. Teams may acquire MiLB$0 players above their earned cap during the off-season, but must cut down to their earned MiLB$0 cap by the keeper deadline (1/31).

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Proposal for @Dynasty836 to adopt the new H2H playoff system (six teams) for 2018 (league scoring would remain FGPTS).

  • ACCEPT (adopt playoff system for 2018)
  • REJECT (no playoff system for 2018)

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Big time congrats to @tobanks for winning the inaugural season of the @Dynasty836 league. Nice come from behind win late in the season. Well done!

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I am going to make the executive decision here that if an MiLB$0 player is cut and then redrafted by a different team during the next draft, I will remove the $1 cap penalty from the player for the previous owner (that owner will often need to remind me).

Hello @Dynasty836, please vote on the following for 2020+:

If the MLB summer (July) draft signing deadline occurs during or after the conclusion of our annual mid-season (ASB) MiLB$0 draft, owners may select unsigned draftees for their MiLB$0 roster. However, if that player does not sign by the MLB deadline, the owner will forfeit that player from their MiLB$0 roster immediately following our league MiLB$0 draft.


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2019 Champion (836)

Congrats to @hernandez17 on a great championship season in 2019. Well done, from start to finish.


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All, I would like to propose a 2020 rule change that we increase the MiLB thresholds by ~10% to further challenge the group as the league develops. To date, the lower number of slots a team has achieved is 13, so I recommend we tighten these a bit so it becomes a little more difficult to reach the MiLB targets for AB and IP.

  • APPROVE - Increase MiLB thresholds up to 10% for 2020 season.
  • REJECT - No changes to current MiLB thresholds
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