Payment Updates

I will confirm that renewal from Canada is working. Thanks so much Niv.

I did have to go into my iPad settings to allow Chrome to access location.

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Please update when Brazil will be working.

Any update on when we’ll be able to claim prize money?

I’m fully aware people would like to get their baseball prize money and be able to pay for their teams in countries other than the US and Canada. Please keep this thread clear so I can use it to get the largest number of people updates on these and other relevant matters as quickly as possible while minimizing noise.

I have been extremely transparent and given updates as soon as possible. Asking for updates will unfortunately not make them come faster.


EDIT: As I’ve said on this thread before, I am more than happy to directly address any questions or concerns via email ( or in another thread on this forum if you want.

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I’m speaking with the CEO of Paydala tomorrow. The agenda is focused on their development work to help us get going on sending everyone their prize money, as well as timelines for getting the countries listed below enabled for payments:


Ottoneu truly is global.

After this call I will update here as best I can.

I really, really appreciate everyone’s patience as we have navigated this payment processor issue and the much slower than I’d prefer disubrsement of prizes. As a reminder, the payment deadline for football and basketball is 10/31. As I just mentioned in Slack, fewer than 1/6th of football teams have paid for this season. This would put Ottoneu in severe trouble for 2024, so I encourage you to renew your team so we can feel confident that Ottoneu can continue into 2024 and beyond.


Just got off the phone, here are some updates:

Baseball Prizes

Paydala is building a special one-off withdrawal process for baseball prizes. They hope to have this ready for me to test next week. I will update once I can test this process with an updated timeline, but it looks like November is likely. I’ve been wrong before (see: this entire thread) so take it with a grain of salt.

Paying from countries other than US/Canada

I’ve been told that some countries are going to be enabled today. Panama is on a high-risk/sanctioned list and will not be enabled. They are looking into both Jordan and Ukraine for similar reasons. No concerns were raised about any of the other countries I listed here, and I’ll update this thread when any/all of them have been enabled.

Bug with one-time password verification

The developers acknowledged that for some users, there is an issue sending/receiving a one-time passcode via email/text. They are testing a fix for this now. Once this is fixed, I’ll let everyone know. Please share any technical issues you are having so that I can continue to let them know if any bugs.

Thanks as always for your patience and for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


A couple of updates:

Baseball Prizes

Looking about 2 weeks out for all the work and testing to be completed. Will continue to update as I know more.

Paying from other countries

Looking like middle of this week. As such, I plan on extending football/basketball deadlines, and will update on that tomorrow.

Bug with one-time password

This has been fixed on their end but I have not heard from anyone who ran into an issue verifying themselves to pay for a 2nd team if they no longer have this problem. EDIT: I’ve confirmed this has been fixed for at least one person who was dealing with it.


Another update today, regarding users in countries outside the US and Canada. The work to support these users is planned to go live tomorrow, October 31, sometime during the morning US Eastern Time. This should allow payment for all countries listed here other than Panama, Jordan, and Ukraine.

As a result, the football payment deadline and basketball payment deadline have both been extended to November 7, 2023.

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We now accept payments when paying from the following countries:

  1. Brazil
  2. Belgium
  3. Scotland
  4. Germany
  5. France
  6. Japan

I believe the bank option will work from these countries, as well as VISA or MasterCard.

Please reach out to me directly if you still are unable to pay from these countries.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Payment troubleshooting / issues

I am speaking to the CEO of Paydala tomorrow morning. After that conversation I hope to share an update on getting everyone their baseball prize money. I really appreciate everyone’s patience on that front as we get this sorted.


I spoke with the CEO of Paydala this morning. Like I mentioned 20 days ago, Paydala is building special functionality to allow withdrawals for users who paid for baseball while we were still on PayPal but have not had to pay using Paydala and thus do not have accounts yet with Paydala. This work should be available for me to test against this week. Once that testing is complete, we should have a path forward on getting baseball prizes out to everyone who has them in their Ottoneu prize tracker.

Once I get into testing I’ll update with a more solid timeline.

Again, I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience - there is a light at the end of this tunnel and its getting bigger! And I’m pretty sure its not a train.


I’m not getting any prizes for 2023, but I have confidence in you and appreciate the updates and all your work to make us have fun.



Sounds like we’re going into testing this week on the one-time withdrawal for prizes. As soon as I have the go-ahead to update some code I will let you all know.

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I’ve been told that the one-time withdrawal stuff will be ready for me to test on Monday.


I’ve updated the Ottoneu Prize Tracker to also include any Refunds we’ve granted, due to a league being shut down or other issues.

You can find the prize & refund tracker here. It is also directly linked at the top of your User Dashboard

You’ll notice that the Withdraw button is currently disabled. Once we have fully tested the one-time withdrawal functionality with Paydala, it will be enabled and you will be able to use Paydala to withdraw your Ottoneu prizes back to your bank account.

I am actively developing and testing this now!


The basic outline of the flow is working. I am spending time polishing the user experience. I believe the withdrawal process for prizes should be ready next week.


We are just moving some money around to make sure everyone’s prizes can be withdrawn. Once the US banking system gets all the funds where they are supposed to be, that withdrawal button will be activated.

Thanks again for your patience. Like I said, this is entirely too late, and in future seasons we will have your prizes within a week or so of the relevant season ending.