Roster Organizer for Future Season(s)

Didn’t see this in any other threads, so apologies if it’s been suggested before.

It’d be super cool if the Roster Organizer had a built-in way to account for anticipated salary increases before they officially happen. So as we approach the 2018 trade deadline, I could look at how things are shaping up for 2019 given the expected $70-$80 that will be added to my roster over the offseason (not including arbitration).


This would be cool. Though in the interim, I add fake players named “allocations” and “inflation” and give salaries that I think would cover those projected values. This gives me a decent sense of what the next season might look like.


Yeah, there are decent workarounds. But then when I move somebody to “cut” or “trade,” I have to remember to go and reduce the inflation slot by $2. Not a huge inconvenience or anything, but a little bit tedious.