Search for Players Across All Leagues

This is probably a big ask, but it would be really cool if there was a way to search the status of players across all my leagues. For example, if I want to see whether Gregory Polanco is owned, then I could do a search for “Polanco” and see teams that owned him for each league. For those of us in multiple Ottoneu leagues, it would be a huge time saver rather than having to search for the player in each individual league.


I don’t disagree that this would be a neat option… but it’s worth noting that you don’t have to search for the player in each league.

If you’re on the player’s page in one league and then navigate to another league by clicking on your team’s name in the drop-down menu underneath the ottoneu logo on the top left, you’ll jump to that player’s page in the other league (where you can easily see whether he’s owned/being auctioned/start an auction/add him to your watchlist). So it’s just a one-click check for each league, once you’re on a player’s page.

It’s not exactly the same as a one-page view but it’s almost just as good.


Could you provide a link(s) in the player page showing who owns in across the manager’s leagues so that we don’t have to go to each league separately. Yahoo does this atm.

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I think the answer here is probably a user-specific table on the player page with a summary of other leagues you’re in and the player’s status in those leagues. I’ll spend some time on this after I finish the trade stuff I’m working on, and will combine this work with the rolling 10-day average work.


This has been added.


Awesome, thanks so much!

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