“Team cannot play more games at bench”

Just took over a team in a points league that hasn’t had an active roster the first few days of the new season. Set my initial lineup and now anytime I make a change I get a “your team cannot play anymore games at Bench” alert banner at the top.

@nivshah, any ideas?

Oh that sounds like a weird bug. There’s no cap to how many guys can be on your bench. Let me check it out.

Confirmed bug and will be fixed soon.

I believe this should be fixed.

All good. Thanks!

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I am getting a “your team cannot play any more games at c” today. Is that also a bug?

There is a 60-game cap at C this year. You can scroll to the bottom of the lineups page and see if your team has hit this total already.

I have three catchers. Two at 21 games and one at 37. There are 2 spots open for catcher. How easy would it be to reach 60 half way through the season? Even if I cut a Catcher im hosed. What about other positions? Dumb rule imo.

Leagues that aren’t using H2H scoring all have games and innings caps. You can find what those caps are and your team’s progress towards them by scrolling to the bottom of your lineups page or visiting your standings page.

They are also documented on the forums for the short season specifically.

Game and innings caps exist so that one team does not win the league by having more games played than anyone else. It keeps a level playing field that is aligned with how many games there are in the MLB season.

There are historical reasons for why there are 2 C slots even though it is a 1 C league. This is also called out in the rules under I. f. x.

There’s a lot to track there but hopefully this clarifies the situation. Every team is held to game caps, so I am not sure how any one team could be ‘hosed’ by this, so hopefully this clarifies that.


Why have two spots for catcher avail each day if there was a 60 game limit? This is Bad logic/design.

Like was mentioned in this post because of legacy reasons and so it is easier to run a C platoon out there. When I tried to roll back to 1 C slot for full-season leagues it was met with heavy resistance so it remains.

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Ok. I get it. Sorry about getting upset.

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No worries, thanks for understanding.

It’s a fine game & application, btw.

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