Timeframe input for stats

Could we please get a time-enabled capabilities of team performance? Clearly the 4x4 stats are cumulative throughout the season. The ideal here would be to have the ability to input a from and to date against our stats, and then have a table showing the performance of our teams within that timeframe. So, as an example, I’m able to say, “Show me stats between June 1 - June 7,” and then the report is really just the standings page format but only the stats accrued within that period. I see this as an additional field perhaps against this page (https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/750/teamproduction) - and by the way, this production stuff is great - as long as a total row were added to the bottom. I certainly like seeing the spread of production among positions, but for this wishlist item to be extra useful, a final sum would be needed.

This would probably happen on the Standings page, not the Team Production page. The Team Production page is not currently built for date inputs but the Standings page is. The Standings page also has a super secret date range functionality. This functionality only works for points leagues currently, so I can look into fixing it for roto leagues and then making it less secret.

Longer term, the Team Production page should get all this date-related functionality as well.


Thanks @nivshah! Works great.

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