Trade Status and History Tabs or Filters?


I would love some tools to make the trade status and history better for research. Some ideas:

  1. Some kind of one-click navigation binning to shorten the trade list. Perhaps the page could be a chronological list of all trades with Amazon-like checkbox filters for proposed / pending / rejected / accepted. The same column heads would be:

ID / Proposing Team / Proposing Owner / Target Team / Target Owner / Proposed Date / Accepted Date / Trade Status

  1. Additional checkbox filters to refine results by a value or date range for any of those columns.

  2. A keyword search (this would be useful for searching for a specific player).

Perhaps trades could be integrated with All Transactions into a single filterable transaction matrix.


@nivshah – If this seems at all intriguing to you, I’d be happy to design a wireframe to better represent my idea.


I really like these ideas! I haven’t touched that page significantly in years, and I think this would make a good self-contained project to hack on. Consider this in the queue.


And/or maybe just add a universal “search” field that pulls in players, message board results/comments, and trades all in one place?