Trade Status and History Tabs or Filters?

I would love some tools to make the trade status and history better for research. Some ideas:

  1. Some kind of one-click navigation binning to shorten the trade list. Perhaps the page could be a chronological list of all trades with Amazon-like checkbox filters for proposed / pending / rejected / accepted. The same column heads would be:

ID / Proposing Team / Proposing Owner / Target Team / Target Owner / Proposed Date / Accepted Date / Trade Status

  1. Additional checkbox filters to refine results by a value or date range for any of those columns.

  2. A keyword search (this would be useful for searching for a specific player).

Perhaps trades could be integrated with All Transactions into a single filterable transaction matrix.


@nivshah – If this seems at all intriguing to you, I’d be happy to design a wireframe to better represent my idea.

I really like these ideas! I haven’t touched that page significantly in years, and I think this would make a good self-contained project to hack on. Consider this in the queue.


And/or maybe just add a universal “search” field that pulls in players, message board results/comments, and trades all in one place?


Might be nice to be easier to navigate to the trade history page. Like maybe move those links to the main trade dropdown tab? Or an easier way to review players that were in rejected offers.

I’m still wrapping my head around the best way to revisit this page, but these all remain interesting and good ideas.

After completing one of my worst trades ever (sending Jose Ramirez packing just before he started heating up in exchange for David Price. . . ugh), I wanted to see my transaction track record over the past few years. I went to the trade history page and was able to piece it together by sorting the various columns, but it did make me wish there was an easier way to just see only the trades involving my team. I was about to post a new topic to the Wishlist but found this one, so bumping it back up.

And while I’m dreaming about the trade status page, how cool would it be if there was a column for completed trades showing how many points the respective players have scored on their new teams post-trade? That’s always the question I’m asking – I wonder how this trade worked out for me. I know that info is available, at least for the current season, via the lineup page and selecting the “in lineup” split from the drop down, but a column on the trade history page tallying this up over time would be great.


If you go to the Trade History page and type in your team name, it will only display trades that include your team, assuming your team name is unique compared to player names or other team names in your league. This is mentioned in the post announcing Trade History search:

Try it out!