Baseball Daily Stats (Live Scoring) Not Updating

The Daily Stats page doesn’t have the latest data. This is not affecting scoring or overall standings, just this page.

I’m investigating.

I think this page should be better now.

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20 plus 6 = 12…not right no idea why.

I’m looking into this. What day were you looking at, Friday?

It was live scoring from yesterday. Which was Saturday I think, hard to tell with how much I am working :wink:

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Ok, I think this should be fixed, but I’m keeping this issue open for now.

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Thank you! You are the man!

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I’ve noticed several similar scoring glitches, but they always have resolved themselves. Has anyone noticed a scoring glitch for games that have been completed for at least an hour or so, or have they all been for currently played games?

Right now, team aggregates are calculated separately from individual player stats. So I think in the time gap between calculating the two, the totals will sometimes look out of sync from the individual stats. I have some ideas on how to long-term fix this, but it also fixes itself within a few minutes, generally.

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