Basketball trade deadline incorrect

The deadline is in one month, not today. I have no idea how that slipped by me. It has been updated.

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I don’t know if this is an option but I think it’s kinda crazy to push it back day of. I very well could be one of few who thought it was today, but I’ve been seeing that date for months now at the top of the league page.

It makes more sense to me to do it next year. I completely rebuilt my team over the last two weeks because I thought today was the deadline. Knowing it is in February would’ve significantly altered how I approached the season.


Yeah I definitely screwed this up into a “no good option” situation. I am absolutely sorry for this mistake but I really think a January 31 trade deadline is overall bad for the basketball game in terms of engagement.

I 100% understand your position here though and will continue to track this thread for feedback. I screwed up here, no two ways about it.

I definitely agree with @vernbabyburn. I get that there is no good option, but the better option for me long-term is doing the fairest thing possible, which is sticking to the date that has been a banner for weeks. In the short-term, this might boost engagement for a month, but I think it is a much better look in the long run to not leave a bunch of managers feeling like they were misled.

(In no way am I saying you intentionally misled anyone. I have had a blast on Ottoneu for my 3 years doing basketball. Just using my voice to express what I think is right.)


I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for posting.

I read your message like I am trying to get a boost in Ottoneu engagement for the next month, which isn’t a metric that matters a ton to me (which is good!) because of the subscription-based business model.

I think in the long-term, league health and keeping leagues going is helped by team engagement. Team engagement is obviously helped by still allowing trades, so I think this is the best path forward.

I am owning this mistake here because I also do not want managers to feel like I purposefully pulled the rug here - I just made a complete mistake at the start of the basketball season when setting up league deadlines, and I’ve been so busy with other things that I didn’t even register that the trade deadline was wrong in the banner. So hopefully this thread, which anyone can link to and respond to, helps clarify that this was a complete mistake by one person, me, and I will not make it again.

I also think pairing a basketball trade deadline with a baseball keeper deadline is just bad for everyone. Moving the deadline to a time when a lot more managers can be engaged is a good thing, even though I made this call far, far too late.


Totally appreciate you owning it and understand you’ve made your decision but with the season being two weeks shorter than it was last year, I don’t understand how it makes sense to have the trade deadline at the same time this year as it was last year. At the very least it should move up by two weeks since the season is two weeks shorter, no?


I appreciate Ottoneu so much! Mistakes happen, and you’ve neen dealing with so much the past year. I must say Niv your always up front and transparent, never shying away from the issues at hand. I truly appreciate that. Being in 3 hoop leagues i learned a great lesson today, read my league rules. Again thank you for all you do Niv. Im rocking with whatever decision you make.


This is a pretty good point. To remind myself in case I already made some sort of decision, I looked at my announcement posts about the changing schedule:

I of course did not consider the trade deadline when making this schedule change. I’m down to move it to mid-February and I think that makes sense in terms of overall balance, but let me look at the overall calendar tomorrow and make a proper call on this.

Thanks everyone


I agree with some of the other comments here - I accepted a trade at 11:42pm est thinking I was in just under the wire, only to realize it had been pushed back.

I agree with @vernbabyburn - I’d prefer to move to mid-Feb if possible. Feb 29 just feels so close to the end of the season


I’ll make a call on this tomorrow on the specific date but I think mid-February is the right approach instead of end of the month. Thanks for everyone’s feedback, I really appreciate it.

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I’m going to move the trade deadline to Thursday, 2/15. 2/15 will be the trade deadline for basketball moving forward.

This is now reflected on the site.