Couch Managers recommendations

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I’m looking for some input on using Couch Managers to slow auction a new Ottoneu league. Does anyone advise against this? How many auctions can run at once? Looking for any recent feedback. Thanks!

I’ve used CM a few times this season. I find the term “slow auction” a little misleading because there’s a lot of activity that goes on- or that can go on.

The slow auction is entirely customizable. My drafts started with a 12 hour nomination start timer, and an 8- or 10 hour reset when the bids were upped after the timer drops below that window. Each team started with 2 nominations and we upped that number when the league was comfortable. In a 16-team league, we had 3 noms per team and a total of 48 going after the first four days. It was pretty manageable for all teams involved. CM admins are quick to respond to questions/comments/emails and requests for players to be added to the universe.

My experience has been positive overall.


CM is good. Start with 3 nominations each. 24 hours. And 8 hour resets. After about half the guys gone, make it 4 to 5 nominations and 12/8. I wouldn’t make it less than 8 unless you are stopping the clock at night.

Also, at end of each day, you should add the players to the rosters so you don’t have to do it all at once…

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I have to say, 24 hours is WAAAAAY too long. If you have a league that is even remotely tuned in, you don’t need to make it that long.


Don’t listen to doorbot. He is an adrenaline junky. Lol. He wants to bid on his whole team all at once. We are currently in a slow draft now on CM and it’s going smoothly


Haha, I needs the noms!

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I haven’t set one up as a commissioner, but I’ve participated in 3 or 4 as an owner and always felt they worked pretty well. They definitely provide a solution to the exhaustion problem of the 6+ hour marathon that a new Ottoneu auction entails.

For a commissioner, one extra task is manually entering the lineups from Couch Managers to Ottoneu.

Owner should also be alerted that Couch Manager position eligibility doesn’t always match Ottoneu and Ottoneu is the source of truth. Very occasionally, Couch Managers doesn’t have a minor league or international player that an owner wishes to draft, but that problem can be solved by designating an otherwise undraftable proxy player.

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First year drafts take longer than 6 hours.

I’d second the 12 hour nominations. We start with a 12 hour clock and 8 hour extensions. The ability to set a reserve bid makes that time frame work pretty well. We start at 2 nominations a piece and build that out as we move deeper into the draft.


@ACacioppo - An owner asked me if it was blind bidding. Based on what I’m seeing in mocks, it’s not - you can see who is bidding and how much. Is that correct? Also, can you set a max bid for a player and move on? Then the system will bid for you up to that amount?

It’s not blind bidding totally- you can see how much people bid below you, but it will hide a max bid about from your competition.

Max bids can he set and you can walk away. It’ll automatically take you up to that price if someone bids your guy up. Tie breaker for max bid goes to the team that submitted the price first.

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I would like to see a online system set up by Ottoneu similar to the old " Gameday Ritual League. It lasted 3 days and it was good for players on the west coast and east coast and all in between. It took 3 or 4 days and you could check on it when you had time.