Keeper Deadline Adjust if Lockout Occurs

Will the keeper deadline date be adjusted if a lockout happens and lasts into early next year?

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Just like 2020, I’m going to try to stay as flexible as possible with options to make this upcoming year as reasonable as possible for those of you playing fantasy baseball. I think it is very unlikely that the entire season is scrapped, but as we get closer to the keeper deadline I’ll make the call on if moving it makes sense and what date fits given the situation.


I’m bumping this to remind everyone that the baseball keeper deadline may be modified if the lockout isn’t resolved in the next 3 weeks. It still seems unlikely to me that the 2022 MLB season will entirely not happen, but we may be looking at a shortened season. If that is the case, the 2020 pandemic-shortened season is a good guide of what to expect.

Here is the thread if you need a refresher on how things went in 2020:
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The main points as they pertain to you renewing your leagues:

  • As long as there is a lockout we will do our best to allow refunds, but refunding/canceling a league means that league will not be able to resume when MLB resumes.
  • If there is no 2022 season we will do our best to offer the option to roll over or refund the prize portion of our fees. If there is no 2022 season, Ottoneu will not pocket prize money. For leagues that want to continue, we will keep our standard administration fee in order to keep the lights on through 2022.

As a side note, unless the season is severely shortened, position eligibility rules will not be altered for the 2022 season.

I might be a little too optimistic but I believe that we won’t have a shortened season but may need to see a slightly delayed keeper deadline, to something like February 15 or so. I’ll update this thread in a couple of weeks based on what is going on then.


I’ve moved the keeper deadline from 11:59p ET on 1/31 to 11:59p ET on 2/15. This should be reflected on every league’s Tools page, where you can see the league calendar.


To answer a couple of questions I got in Slack:

  1. This change is only related to the current lockout and has no bearing on future keeper deadlines.
  2. This is not a final keeper deadline; I’ll continue to monitor the negotiations and see if a second delay makes sense towards the end of January.
  3. This does not affect renewal dates for Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball.
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Could we get a banner announcement on the homepage too? I’m afraid some owners won’t actually click through to the tools page and will miss it.

EDIT: Saw on Slack that the banner appears on the homepage when the deadline is <2 weeks away. Nevermind!

It’s a global announcement on every baseball page and I encourage everyone to post on their league message boards.

Is the goal to have the keeper deadline be after the lockout ends, or what is the general thinking? In other words, if the lockout isn’t lifted by Feb 15 then do we plan to extend again? Just curious why we decided to move the deadline back.

The goal of a keeper deadline is to force decisions to be made about your team. Generally, most FAs are signed by January 31 and a picture of how each MLB team is shaping up is coming into focus if not fully clear. This is important information to have in order to make decisions on who to keep rostered and who to send to the FA pool. None of this criteria would be met this January 31st with the lockout, so the deadline was delayed. This is what I meant by staying flexible in the earlier post.

I made the call to push the keeper deadline back because it is generally agreed that the end of this month is a soft deadline for the lockout to end in order to not miss revenue-generating events in MLB. If negotiations begin in earnest at the end of the month, I believe it would have been unreasonable to expect everyone to make keep/cut decisions without knowing where a fair number of MLB players will be playing in 2022.

I chose to only delay the deadline to February 15 rather than further out because I (perhaps foolishly) am optimistic that sometime next week the negotations will begin in earnest and ownership is very incentivized to make a deal so it may come together quickly in order to not miss revenue generating events.

If there is no movement by the end of the month, I will make a decision on whether or not the keeper deadline should be delayed further and by how much.

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Hi @nivshah

Our league was geared up for an early auction, and we were targeting Friday February 4th. However, I see that setting the auction date in the commissioner tools only allows for days after the keeper deadline, which means starting on February 16th and beyond.

Is it the case that our ottoneu auction must always be after the ottoneu keeper deadline? Thanks,

Yes, auctions must always be after the keeper deadline. Another reason I only delayed the deadline a couple of weeks at first.

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