Ottoneu Surplus Calculator (2017 version)

Here is a link to the Ottoneu Surplus Calc, I have pre-loaded it with $ values based on Depth Charts projections (equal mix of Steamer and ZiPS). I will keep a change log here as I add new $ values and features.

A few important instructions before you use the sheet:

  1. The sheet I’ve linked is locked for editing, so you must make a copy and save it to your own Drive to use it. Just click on File:Make a copy to do so. I will probably release an Excel version of the Surplus Calc again this year, but not until closer to the keeper deadline in January
  2. Once you’ve made a copy of the sheet, enter the league # you want to run through the Calc in B17 on the Team Totals tab
  3. Any time you change the league # the teams will disappear from the table, this is normal. To get them back click on cell A2 of the Team Totals tab and you will see the Report Editor pop up on the right side of the page. On the bottom of the Report Editor is a Filter drop down, click on that, click select all, and then uncheck “(Blanks)”.

Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2017

3/6- Added option to use RotoGraphs composite FGPts dollar values
2/27- Updated $ values for all formats (Depth Charts projections-Steamer/ZiPS)
1/19- Updated $ values for 5x5, 4x4 and fixed $ values for FGPTS, SABR
1/18- Updated $ values for FGPts, SABR
12/6- Removed the need to adjust filter in Team Totals tab, added sort option to Team Roster tab
12/5- Updated $ values for all formats
11/11- Initial $ values for all formats now loaded
11/10- Updated FGPTS $ Values using early Steamer 2017
10/17- Added Arb Targets and Team Roster tabs, see here for more info
10/3- Updated FGPTS $ Values with some manual PA/IP adjustments to Steamer600, added Saves/Holds to RP

RotoGraphs Article
Podcast episode discussing the Surplus Calc
Youtube tutorial by @LuckyStrikes


The Surplus Calculator is now sort of the bat signal that flies to indicate the off season of Ottoneu is officially here…

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jose de leon

i need to add more characters so…

jose de leon’s projection!

Yeah… Steamer loves pretty much every Dodgers pitcher (Urias and Wood are classified as RP so aren’t showing as high on the current surplus calc).

BTW, I assume no position eligibility changes have been made, right? So the $10 value on Suarez can’t be used against you in our other conversation about him?

also, team total tab is failing for me.

Suarez shouldn’t be at $10, is he showing up at that value on the sheet?

Are you not seeing any teams once you put the league number in?

Nope. They disappeared and never repopulated.

Did you go through the instructions (namely #3)? You have to click on cell A2 and change the filter to show everything but uncheck “Blanks”.

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in 4x4 he is. i’ll look at pts too

Ahh, well yeah the values loaded in the calc right now for SABR/5x5/4x4 are the preseason values from last year. I should probably just blank them out to avoid confusion right now.

oh, yeah, you should. that would help :slight_smile:
and he is $0 in FGPts :frowning:

i created a new copy and it is working now. probably user error before

Just updated the FGPTS $ values based on some manual adjustments I made to Steamer600 PA/IP, mostly to reduce platoon type hitters (like Pedro Alvarez, Ryan Raburn, etc).

When I click on A2 it doesn’t give me the option to change the filter. Is just ask me if I want to copy or paste or cut.

Did you make a copy of the sheet first by going to File: Make a copy? You should see a Report Editor pop up on the far right of the sheet when you click A2 of the Team Totals tab, the Filter is at the bottom of the Report Editor.

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Steve Pearce with the $17 valuation. Didn’t expect that…

The Steamer600 projections really overrate platoon guys, but even after adjusting Pearce’s PA down he still has a very good Pts/PA projection (coupled with a .351 wOBA projection). I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Pearce to be worth close to $17, but he was a $7 guy according to my calculations for 2016 value. Those $ values have the opposite problem, they ding platoon players since everything is based on PPG and Pearce had a fair amount of 1 PA pinch hitting appearances.

I did make a copy. When I clicked on the download in community it tells me there was an error downloading and changes I made would not be saved, and that I can work offline, but then it downloads to google sheets and I can make a copy. It will accept the change of league number but nothing comes up when I hit A2