Roster Organizer Ideas/Issues

Two things I would like to see:

A slot to add cap penalties so that the dollars can be accounted for without causing a fluctuation to player count.

The ability to add a target onto IL.

Issues I consistently have:

Moving players off of IL seems to not quite work right. For example, my roster is currently at 41 of 41 (single player on 60IL), if I move him off, the organizer updates to 41 of 40; but if I refresh the page, it reverts 41 of 41, acknowledging that said player is currently on IL, rather than overriding their IL status with him on my bench.

If I move someone from the active lineup spot to a trade slot, whoever I move into that slot as a replacement also ends up in the trade section following a refresh of the page. Also happens in reverse…not sure if this is a browser thing (I usually use Chrome); but trying to make wholesale changes to the organizer at once usually results in pieces not where they should be, or extra lineups slots (double positions, etc.) upon refreshing the page.

I think the bugs you describe could be added to this existing thread:

I really like the idea for the “extra money used” box on the roster organizer, to catch outgoing loans and cap penalties.

Are you looking to add a target that won’t take up a roster spot? Is that why you want to add a target to the IL area?

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I think this is actually directly related to the Roster Organizer thread I linked to earlier and should be fixed now. Thanks for mentioning it.

Correct. Just helps with roster planning if trades have players that will have extended stays on the 60IL (Mancini/Sale/Syndergaard currently, for example), or end of season when stashing players on IL for following year.

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