2021 OPL Prize Tracker now live

As we enter the final weekend of the 2021 Ottoneu Prestige League, I’ve put the finishing touches on the OPL Prize Tracker. Visit your OPL dashboard and click on Prize Tracker:

You can see what prizes your teams have earned in the 2021 OPL, verify where the money will be sent when cash prizes are distributed, and generate coupon codes for t-shirts.

There is a max of three coupon codes per t-shirt won. The first coupon code will make the shirt free, and the next 2 will make the shirt $25 (down from $1mil…). The t-shirt coupons expire on 11/15, after the t-shirts will be ordered and then shipped out.

Whoever wins the 2021 OPL bat this weekend (and it is coming right down to the wire) will have a similar experience, though there is a max of 1 bat available.

Let me know if you have any questions, and make sure to check out the OPL finals. Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


Are cash prizes to be sent via Paypal? If so, I need to change my email addr. I changed it in my Fangraphs/Ottoneu profile but the change hasn’t seemed to take under the prize tracker link you have posted here.

Yeah, the cash prizes will be sent via PayPal.

For OPL, we are pulling the email address that paid, via PayPal, the OPL entry fee.

I don’t have a mechanism in place to manually override this email, but I will try to build one in the next couple of days.

Ahh, just checked my paypal account and it looks like both my primary and secondary emails are attached to it, so I’m good.

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when will opl t-shirts be available for purchase?

also, Niv thanks so much for everything - ottoneu is the best. OPL was super fun (even if playoff seeding needs work lol)



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A reminder for the OPL participants who earned a t-shirt to get their t-shirt orders in so I can buy the right sizes when I get them made.

Also, The Bat has arrived:

Congrats again to The Clongowes Cricket Club

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1 week left to get OPL t-shirts if you won one in 2021 OPL. Get your orders in soon!

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I have the coupon code, but where do I enter it to actually get the t-shirt?

It’s a coupon code for the $1mil tshirt. I believe it is linked to on the page where you generated your coupon code as well.

EDIT Put the shirt in cart, then coupon code at checkout.

Got it! I didn’t realize the “2021 OPL T-shirt” was a link.

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Any news on when T-shirts go out? I hope some xmas package thief didn’t snatch it off my front porch if they’ve already gone out.

EDIT: Hmm, maybe I never took the order all the way through checkout. Checking if I received a confirmation email from paypal. I’ll be back to confirm.

They haven’t gone out yet. You should have received an email from the Ottoneu store but maybe not PayPal, since there was no cost.

This has taken a little longer than I want but I’ll have a post here once shirts and the infamous bat are shipped out to everyone.

I had to switch screen printers which is a big reason why this whole process is taking forever. I am hoping to get a quote today and get shirts early in 2022 at which point they’ll start getting shipped out. I’ll update here as I know more.

Next season this will all go faster, I promise!

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Hey guys! Screenprinter here! I own my own screen printing shop in NY. And as an avid Ottoneu user, I would love to help if possible. Either through providing merch or if you guys need info or assistance. I do everything in house including design custom-built online shops and design. My background is computer science and programming. Don’t be shy if there is anyway I can support this community!