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Small quibble here but Jack Leiter has pitched his first game for AA and is still listed as Util instead of SP.

You have to start 5 games at a position to get eligibility at that position unless a manual override is requested.

I’ll get Leiter SP shortly.

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks Niv.

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Can Michael Lorenzen be changed to SP? Thanks.

Per this thread and the text on the actual lineups page, it does not matter.

The text on the lineup page that is above the pitchers section for every team:

All pitchers can be placed in either SP or RP, regardless of eligibility.

Mookie going to have 2B eligibility in 2023?

I feel dumb… where is this bar graph? Fangraphs or ottoneu? Can you link to an example?

Go to any player page.

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Ok I feel dumb. How many times can you see something and think it’s for something else?

Anywho, learned something new.

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John Means is currently listed as RP. Will that be changed back to SP?

It doesn’t really matter. So long as he as any type of pitcher eligibility in 2023, you’ll be able to slot him into a SP spot and get points from his GS.

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I see Fernando Tatis Jr. went to UTIL-only after not playing this season because of injury and suspension. Is that the typical process for a player who doesn’t play all year? They lose all position eligibility?

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Yes, pretty much. If you ask him, Niv will usually give pitchers coming back from TJS or whatever their pitcher eligibility. But position players usually have to earn their position eligibility back after missing a year.

Chad Young runs down all of the position changes in a latest for Rotographs.


Tatis will definitely need to earn eligibility.

call me crazy, I thought a pitcher could only accrue points if he’s in the correct pitcher slot?

Yes. You have to use the pitcher the way the MLB team uses them. This is clearly written on the lineup page:

All pitchers can be placed in either SP or RP, regardless of eligibility. To get credit for a pitcher’s performance, you must play him in the same role as his major league team uses him. Pitchers who start in real life must be put into SP roles, and pitchers who come out of the pen must be put into RP roles.

Also see this thread:

Is Daniel Espino Clev U only because he got hurt and didn’t pitch enough innings in 2022?

For every single player you can visit their player card and look at the graph that shows how many games they played at any position and how many games they started for any position. I am repeating myself from this post:

It’s pretty straightforward to see that Espino pitched and started 4 games in 2022 from looking at the 2023 position eligiblity progress graph.

From the rules page:

Players will be given SP eligibility if they are the starting pitcher in 5 regular season games in the current or preceding year
Players will be given RP eligibility if they pitch in relief in 5 regular season games in the current or preceding year

Espino was U only even before the new 2022 position eligibilities were updated, why I inquired.