Opening Day 2018 Open Thread

Report issues, talk about your fantasy or real life teams or anything awesome going on today here. Happy Opening Day!

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What does MR mean next to the guys in my lineup? I assume some sort of projection?

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Yep, the Rotoballer Matchup Ratings, as noted at the top of the page

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I should note that these player IDs aren’t 100% aligned yet, so a few players may be missing matchup ratings. That’ll be an ongoing project through the year.

Any particular matchup rating look interesting or crazy to you? Share it here

Is it possible to add a co-manager to a team? I think its a Commissioner task as I can’t see an option on the site.

Yep, your commish can do this

These instructions are for the football site but work the same on the baseball site:

Duck the Fodgers! The Giants new RH heavy lineup is going to stick it to Kershaw today! Chavez Ravine is flooding with sewage, and I’m not even talking about the fans…

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Thanks for the help Niv!

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As most of you are aware, FanGraphs is having some issues right now and that is cascading down to us. It should be patched up shortly!

It’s not letting me start Ohtani at Util for some reason? I’m able to slot in other offensive players, but not Ohtani.

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Hey, love Ottoneu! Question: the today’s stats tab isn’t appearing for one of my leagues… is there something wrong, or another way to view how my players are doing today? The league with the issue is H2H Fgpts. Thanks!

What is it? Can’t figure it out

Already answered in this thread:

Take a peek at this thread

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A’S WIN! Woohooo

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