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Ottoneu Champions League The <strong>Ottoneu Champions</strong> league is a “last man standing” competition consisting of two divisions (A &amp; B) of twelve owners each. Only Ottoneu owners who have at least one league championship on their resume may join the Ottoneu Champions league, the concept is designed to bring the very best Ottoneu players together under one league. ottoneu Advanced Ok, so you've graduated from the basics of the Ottoneu game, now what? This forum is for discussing/debating next-level strategy and game play. You might find a few tricks of the trade here - anything to give you an edge. If you've got a great idea that will help the community, fire away. Welcome to the Ottoneu big leagues. Baseball Rules Primary area to discuss ottoneu baseball rules. In-Game Advice Use this forum to ask advice about players to add or drop or questions about game strategy. Ottoneu Dynasty League Home of the new Ottoney Dynasty leagues (836 &amp; 837) Player Profiles Active player analysis throughout the baseball calendar. Feel free to write up a player for the benefit of the community! ottoneu Basics This forum is for <a href="">new</a> Ottoneu players - there are no dumb questions here. Post a question and the community will be glad to assist. Ottoneu is a terrific game but can take some time to learn, so let us help. Fire away and don't be shy.
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